Instrument Status

A short summary of the status of each MMT instrument and any work that has been completed over the summer period is given below. If you would like any further information regarding any of the instrumentation please contact Morag Hastie (mhastie@mmto).

  • RED CHANNEL: Unavailable. Awaiting a new detector which should be completed in late Oct.
  • BLUE CHANNEL: Available.
  • MMIRS: Unavailable. Further commissioning work undertaken. Shipped to Magellan 09/09.
  • Hectos: Available. Annual maintenance of fibre positioner & fibre chain maintenance completed.
  • Megacam: Unavailable. Shipped to Magellan 08/09.
  • SWIRC: Available.
  • ARIES: Available.
  • CLIO: Available. Recently added ice band (3.1 um) filter and R = 100 prism mode.
  • PISCES: Available.
  • MIRAC-BLINC: Available. R = 100 grism mode recently commissioned.
  • MAESTRO: Available.
  • SPOL: Available.

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