New “Astronomer’s Log” Launched

The MMTO has launched a new “Astronomer’s Log”.  The purpose of the log is to allow the users to provide realtime feedback to the staff.  The log is web based and the format is such that users can enter text and “Submit entries” throughout a night of observing.  Entries can include any problems encountered during observing, comments, and/or suggestions.  Each entry is timestamped so that the staff can link entries to system and weather status.  The users can “Edit header information” to provide their name and program.   The log (which requires the generic mmt observer “mmtobs” login, ask the telescope operator if you don’t know the password) allows multiple users (i.e. if observing with colleagues) to add entries at the same time from different computers.  Although the interface is intuitive, there’s a link to instructions for use. At the end of the night the log can be “Finished and closed” at which time the user will have the option of sending a confidential report to the Director only.  PLEASE USE THE NEW ASTRONOMER’S LOG!  The URL for the log is (PLEASE ONLY USE WHEN YOU ARE OBSERVING):

Screen capture of the Astronomer's Log

Screen capture of the Astronomer's Log


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